1337 assembly instructions

These instructions are outdated! They work for Rev 1.0 till Rev 1.3.

Here are the instructions for our 1337 Keyboard. If you didn´t buy the 3D-printed pieces from us you, can print them before our package arrives at your door with the STL Files we´ve sent you so you can begin right away with the assembly! Also, please be careful with the SMD components when soldering. The components are very small and fragile.

1. The PCB

1x n-CH MOSFET for Backlight,  10x 330Ohm Resistor,  1x 10kOhm Resistor,  4x 100nF Capacitor,  4x WS2812B adressable RGB LEDIn Circuit Serial Programming headerBacklight pins (+ is square)Oled header (exposes I²C Bus),  Here's the Schematic

2. SMD and Standoffs

Solder in all the SMD components (Be careful they are tiny) and place in the standoffs flush to the PCB.

3. Solder them

Solder them and make sure that they are completly flat on the PCB.

4. Encoder and Switches

Click in the switches with the LED hole facing you and place the encoder.

5. Encoder Orientation

Make sure the 2 pins face the hole.

6. Pin Placement

Bend the pins like so to make PCB installing easier.

7. Insert PCB

Insert the PCB making sure not to bend any pins.

8. Solder Encoder and Switches

Solder in the encoder and switches while pressing them into the pcb to make sure they are seatet properly.

9. Place LEDs

Insert the LEDs with the longer leg (Anode) facing the square pcb pad.

10. Solder LEDs

Solder them in place making sure they are not slipping out.

11. Protection

Do not remove the insulation - It protects the controller and you from desoldering it :)

12. Place MCU

Insert and solder the MCU (Elite-C/ProMicro) with the flat side facing away from the PCB.

13. OLED wires

Strip the ends of the OLED wires.

14. Solder to PCB

Solder them to the PCB (GNDVCCSCLSDA).

15. Solder to OLED

Clip the top two corners of the OLED PCB round to make it fit nicely into the corners of the 3d print and solder the wires the OLED according to the marking on the OLED.

16. Screw in the Covers

Screw in the two covers for the OLED and the bottom piece with the 8 M2 screws. Please be careful when screwing them in and don´t tighten them too much (otherwise they will strip out).