0xCB 1337



0xCB 1337 is our programmable Macro Keyboard! The Keyboard has 9 programmable buttons that you can program through VIA to whatever you desire. The two buttons on the right cycle through the 4 different layers by default. The HOME and MISC Layer are for your general Macros. The BACKLIGHT layer is there to customize your white keycap lights. And the RGB layer is there to programm the RGB underglow. So you can program all of the lights on the keyboard and you don´t have to use VIA! But if you don't want to program the lights through your keyboard you can of course put other Macros on there. If you want to customize it even further you can use QMK keymaps to add even more functionality.

Here you can see renders of our different variants. They are of course all based on the same design, but some have OLEDs and rotary encoders and some don´t. ;)


The most common variant with all options.


Like the common variant just without the rotary encoder.


Very clean build without the OLED but with the encoder.


The most simple keyboard with just 9 switches.



You do all the tinkering with this option - feel free to use the instructions available here though :D


Presoldered DIY

Same as above, but we will solder the SMD components for you (depending on the options you choose) because we know soldering surface mount components is a bit fiddley ;)
Further assembly instructions are available here.


Fully Assembled

With our fully assembled version, you don´t have to do anything! You can just decide, which options of our keyboard you want and we will custom build it for you! When the keyboard gets to your doorstep you just have to plug it in and it works!


We have a few different options for the color of the case. All of our filaments are PLA and the black is matte, so after printing, it will not be glossy anymore.


Our Microcontrollers

We have two different versions for the microcontrollers. You can get a Pro Micro clone with a micro USB from us or you can go for the Elite-C (rev4). The Elite-C has USB-C and is generally more stable and powerful. We will flash the microcontrollers bootloader with an ISP flasher to QMK-DFU - this bootloader is far more stable and is unbrickable in contrast to Catarina (The standard ProMicro bootloader). This also makes updating or flashing other keymaps down the road for the users [you ;) ] easier.



We offer simple MX Keycaps in Black, White, Yellow and Blue. They are nothing special, but they get the job done and they feel really nice.



The switches are always an important part of any keyboard. We will add and remove different varieties of switches in the future. When you want to get a special switch with your keyboard just let us know and we´ll see, what we can do! The PCB is not hot-swappable [at the moment ;)] so when you don't buy the switches from us, you will need to solder them to the PCB yourself!
To see all the switches we offer at the moment please go to our Tindie page.


OLED Screen

When you get the version of the keyboard with an OLED screen it will show you things like CAPS-lock, NUM-lock, Scroll-lock, and the layer you are currently on. The OLED Screen sleeps after a few minutes to prevent Screen burn-in. When you are on the RGB Layer it will also show you the RGB Settings you are currently using.


Rotary Knob

With our rotary encoder, you can control things like the music volume or just map it yourself in the QMK keymap to whatever you like! We also offer a version with a more premium black aluminium knob on the rotary encoder which is a bit bigger and feels more sturdy.


RGB Underglow

We of course had to offer a version with RGB Lights. You will have a nice RGB ring around the bottom of the keyboard because we have a transparent piece of plastic as our bottom piece.


Keycap Lights

You can also light up your keycaps from the back. These lights are just white though but they are dimmable through the rotary encoder and you can give them a breathing effect!