0xCB 1337


The 0xCB 1337 is our programmable macropad! It features eight switches, a clickable rotary encoder, RGB backlighting and underglow lighting and an OLED display that displays information about the layers. All these features are packed into a nice 3D printed case with a frosted bottom plate for RGB light diffusion, with the case being available in either black or white.

The 1337 comes standard with 4 layers. You can navigate between these layers with the right-most keys on the macropad. The HOME layer has some useful navigation keys and media keys by default. You can also change your volume with the encoder on this layer. The MISC layer is empty by default. You can fill this layer up with macros for your most used shortcuts, or maybe for keys that you’re missing on your keyboard. The 1337 is compatible with Vial, so you can even change the encoder all to your liking!

The RGB layer is used to change the underglow lighting and the backlighting under the keys. You can change the effects, saturation and hue of the lighting with the key, and change the brightness with the encoder!

With the 1337 we wanted to up our game regarding the packaging. So we decided to go with a custom sleeve for our box together with a custom foam insert specially made for the 1337. That way we can assure that all components arrive to you as safe as possible!

Here is a close up of the layout inside the box.