0xCB 1337 is our custom-made Macropad. You can program it with QMK and VIA, software that is the golden standard for custom Keyboards. You have 4 Layers on the Keyboard that you can cycle through. It features a Rotary Encoder from which you can control your Sound. On our OLED Screen, you can see the Layers your on and the RGB Settings. Our Keyboard also features RGB lighting at the Bottom and a white backlight for your Keycaps.


Meet the 0xCB Static. After the launch of our macro pad, we wanted to do something bigger. So we made a 40% keyboard with an industrial design. This is an interest check to see, what you guys think of it.


Here you can find the instructions for our 1337 Macro Keyboard that you can use if you bought one of our DIY Options.

About Us

We are Conor and Jakob from Aachen, Germany and we like to design and manufacture products in the electronics sector. We both are 20 years young and are currently making our first experience in the designing, sourcing, and manufacturing of our 1337 Macro Keyboard. In the future, we want to make more products that we already have ideas for. If you have any ideas for us don´t hesitate to contact us! We currently do not have our own online store as we use Tindie for our products.

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