0xCB Pluto


With the 0xCB Pluto, we wanted to create a small PCB that can be used by a lot of keyboards! We all know the keyboards that use a Pro Micro or Elite-C as a drop-in controller. The 0xCB Pluto is our take on this idea!

On the Pluto, we use a true mid-mount USB-C port. That way we have designed a controller that has the slimmest footprint we know of. Also packed in is full ESD protection, so you don't have to worry about any electric shocks and breaking the chip. The Pluto also has all the usable pins of the ATMEGA32U4 exposed! There is one more pin exposed compared to the Elite-C. D+ and D- are also exposed, which means that you could even hook up a USB daughterboard to the Pluto!

On the back side of the Pluto, you can see all the traces clearly. This is achieved by not using a ground plane and using the contrast to the FR4 core. Also on the back is the astrological symbol for Pluto, with a mixed-in 0xCB logo!

The Pluto PCBs are hand-assembled by us! This way we can ensure the best quality and test them before sending them out. The bare PCBs are manufactured with an ENIG finish, which gives them a nice gold touch! As expected, only lead-free solder is used during production.