0xCB Static


And here it is in all it's glory, the 0xCB Static!
We encourage you to take a scroll and learn all about it's features, or just spend a couple minutes soaking in it's raw industrial beauty.

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Our new Static keyboard is selling as a DIY build kit, and we're especially excited to announce that it is available through our friend David over at CandyKeys! Each kit includes a Static PCB, switch and bottom plate, EC11 rotary encoder and knob, 0.91" OLED screen, acrylic OLED/electronics cover, all of the required through-hole components and mounting hardware, plus a pair of 3D printed feet. We've even gone so far as to design and 3D print a perfectly sized diode bender to put in each kit, so you'll end up with not only the easiest but the cleanest build you thought possible! All you need to supply are your own switches, screw-in stabilizers, and keycaps.

The Static has two available orientations, a 6° angle via our 3D printed feet or flat against your desk if that's more your flavour. For both future-proofing and convenience sake we've gone with a left-mounted USB-C port, we think this is ideal for the majority of people. Using our stock firmware the rotary encoder will function as volume control, but this is totally programmable within QMK/VIA itself so you may find it useful for things like page scrolling or video/audio seeking. By taking a glance at your OLED screen, you'll quickly be able to tell not only what layer you're on but information like whether caps/num lock is enabled. Not only that, but we've added a hidden animated second layer to your OLED that features everyone's favourite percussion-loving feline, BongoCat. He'll show up to play the song of his people on his drum whenever you begin typing, and will beat it faster and faster as your own wpm increase!

All of our base kits will come with your choice of either black or white FR4 switch and bottom plates, for that nice flexy feel and thocky sound profile so many of you have come to know and love. If you prefer a firmer typing experience or a more premium look, we'll also have a seperate upgrade available consisting of an additional lasercut stainless steel bottom and aluminum switch plate. We think this combination in particular captures the industrial vibe we were after and we're very proud of it, we hope you love it as much as we do!

As we've previously mentioned, the Static keyboard natively supports both QMK and VIA. This makes it incredibly easy to configure your keyboard to your exact needs; from how many layers you have and what each does, to specific workflow macros, to the rotary encoder/OLED screen behaviour! The possibilities are truly endless and we've really only scratched the surface here, you're just gonna have to get your hands on one to see what we mean!
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