0xCB Static

Meet the 0xCB Static. After the launch of our macro pad, we wanted to do something bigger. So we made a 40% keyboard with an industrial design. This is an interest check to see, what you guys think of it.

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The keyboard will be available as a DIY kit. The kit will come with the plate for the switches, the bottom plate, an acrylic sheet to cover the electronics, the PCB, and all its electronic components including one OLED screen and a rotary encoder. Also included will be the 3D-printed feet and all the brass standoffs, screws, and rubber feet. As an added bonus you will get a 3D-Printed diode bender so you can bend your diodes easy and exact. You will need to supply your own switches, screw-in stabilizers, and keycaps.

The Keyboard sits flush on the table or at a 6° angle if you prefer it that way. It has a USB-C port on the back for you to connect it to your computer. With the rotary controller, you can control your volume and on the OLED screen, there will be info about what layer you are on. It will also display when your Caps or Num Lock is on.

The plate will be available in aluminum or in FR4. The bottom plate will be available in Stainless Steel or FR4. The PCB and FR4 Plates will be available in black or white. The 3D-Printed feet will also come in black or white depending what color you choose from. So there will be 4 keyboards for you to choose from:

- FR4 completely black
- FR4 completely white
- aluminum plate and stainless steel bottom piece with black PCB and black feets
- aluminum plate and stainless steel bottom piece with white PCB and white feets

The keyboard fully supports VIA and QMK so you can configure the whole keyboard to have multiple Layers, what macros you want and what the Rotary Encoder and OLED Screen should do, and many more QMK quirks.
You have these five options for the bottom row: